Hello Kitty is not a cat, she is a British girl. Her history of creation and charismatic.

Hello Kitty Family and Friends
Sanrio Co., Ltd
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Hello Kitty was born in 1974, when Sanrio was planning to launch a small wallet with a pattern that wanted to design a new character. At the beginning of the design, Kitty’s first-generation designer Yuko Shimizu thought of the animals that children like, just like bears, puppies and kittens. Since the first two had already been launched, she decided to adopt her favorite cat. So, this little white cat with a red bow appears on the wallet. The company president at the time, Shintaro Tsuji, didn’t like it very much, but the incredible thing was that the kitten was uncontrollably popular.
Hello Kitty was given British descent because the Japanese in the 1970s was extremely popular, and British culture was very popular with Japanese girls. They all hope that their daughter, like the little girl in the Middle Ages in England, wears a dress and plays the piano, which is well-behaved. Hello Kitty fits perfectly with the Japanese dreams and pursuits at the time. The name of Hello Kitty comes from a cat that Alice raised in the book “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There” by Lewis Carroll.

Designers and Creation of Kitty White

Since its birth more than 30 years ago, Hello Kitty has been carefully designed by three generations of designers, and the image itself has undergone some changes.

First generation of designer Shimits Yuko

In the fall of 1974, Sanrio Gifts Co., Ltd. planned to launch a “Petite purse”, hoping to see a new image, so this little white cat with a red bow officially appeared. The Hello Kitty face born in 1974 is oval, the chin is not round, and the ears are sharp and the beard is long. In this period of Hello Kitty, you can see the emotional input of the designer. Kitty debuted on the poster of Strawberry News on the 13th (November 1, 1975), and this day became Kitty’s birthday. Sanrio company designer, anime image Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and My Melody creator.

Second generation designer Yonekuba Setsuko

Yonekuba Setsuko undertook the original design concept. In order to make Hello Kitty more cute. Yonekuba Setsuko decided to use this famous side-sitting posture to apply her on the wallet. It became popular after the launch, and with the launch of other products, it quickly The momentum of Hello Kitty has grown.

Third generation designer Yamakuchi Yuko

Yamakuchi Yuko makes Hello Kitty’s face more rounded, and there are some more vivid descriptions of personality. Hello Kitty seems to be a living person, like a good friend who lives next to you and me. Of course, it was also laid today that she was unbeaten at the Sanrio Gift Company.She loves painting. Know a lot of neat materials, and tell a lot of wonderful stories!

Japan is a developed industrial country, and the fast-paced work and life make people feel a lot of pressure. However, the Japanese have their own way to relieve stress, that is, the mentality of having a child who does not want to grow up. They like those cute plush toys, like cartoons, backpacks, and even laptops. Many girls in their twenties like to wear baby dolls and bows to dress up innocently.

This chase of cute elements has become a unique landscape in Japan. Hello Kitty is cute, ridiculous, and quite subversive. Therefore, she is very popular in Japan. If we can understand this grasp of culture, we can naturally understand why cartoon brands represented by Hello Kitty can occupy so many young people’s hearts, and understand why Hello Kitty can carry out such diverse crosses. The category extends, and her consumers want it to do so.

Happy Hello Kitty Pumpkin Donut Squishy
From Cutewares

There are a lot of mass consumer goods brands in the extension of the main consideration of the extension of products and their brand core values ​​can not be contrary to, Hello Kitty’s approach is different, she provides consumers with a way to define their own personality, so that consumers can Escape from the real world into a very pure and lovely Kitty brand world.

This way of extension is not oriented to strengthen brand equity, but is oriented to the lifestyle of the target consumer. It is embodied in: Any product that Hello Kitty’s target consumers will use may be the target of its involvement.
It can be said that Sanrio does not only provide a cute girl, but provides an opportunity for those who like Hello Kitty to create a lifestyle that belongs to them. This makes the brand an unparalleled breadth and depth of ordinary cartoon characters or ordinary fast moving consumer goods.
Hello Kitty is no longer an image name, but a symbol of life attitude. This is the underlying reason why Hello Kitty is so successful.

Info of Hello Kitty

Original name: Kitty White
Japanese: ハローキティ; Latin writing: Harōkiti
Nickname: Hello Kitty

Gender: Cute little girl (beautiful little girl)

Birthday: November 1st, 1974

Constellation: Scorpio (same as the original author)

Nationality: United Kingdom

Place of birth: Outskirts of London

Blood type: A

Height: 5 apples high

Weight: 3 apple weight

Family members: mother, father, twin sister

Personality: cheerful and lively, gentle and enthusiastic, naughty and cute, like to make friends: the best at playing tennis, the piano is also very good.

The best cooking: making cookies.

Favorite things: She like to listen to fairy tales, collect all kinds of beautiful and lovely trinkets, have candy, little stars, small goldfish, especially with butterflies, and like to go to parks or forests with many good friends.

Favorite food: Her mom’s own apple pie & town bread house uncle’s love bread.

Favorite subjects: English, math, music, visual art.

The best travel tool: like to ride a pink tricycle to the park to play

The most attractive focus: Kitty is full of cuteness, the most attractive place is a red bow on the left ear and a small round tail.

Favorite color: pink, the same color as her bow.

Favorite clothing: In order to facilitate the activities everywhere, the lively Kitty always likes to wear masculine workers’ pants. But sometimes she loves to wear a beautiful dress and dress, very feminine.

The sweetest dream: marry Daniel in a romantic seaside chapel

Future wishes: She hopes to be a great poet and pianist when she grows up.

Favorite instrument: piano.

Hello Kitty Striped T-Shirt Work Farm Jumpsuits Plush Doll

Other characters in the Hello Kitty Universe

Dear Daniel
Boyfriend of Kitty White. In the future he wants to become a photographer or a celebrity.
Full Name : Daniel Starr
Birthday : May 3rd
Debut : 1999

Twins Sister Mimmy
Birthday : November 1st
She looks exactly like Kitty. To distinguish between Mimmy and Kitty, look at the bow on the head. Mimmy’s bow is tied to the right ear (the left side you see). Mimmy is more shy and has a little love. When she grows up, she wants to be a good wife. She is an introverted kitten.

Father (George White)
Birthday : June 3rd
He is a good man who works hard, wears glasses, and likes to bite his pipe on his mouth. He looks very stable. In fact, he is still a little confused and absent-minded. He has a good sense of humor.

Mother (Mary White)
Birthday : September 14th
She used to be a pianist. She is now happily doing housework, cooking, etc at home.
Very kind and friendly, loves cooking and taking care of the family. Her apple pie is well known.

Grandfather (Anthony White)
Well educated ,first appearance was in 1979.

Grandmother (Margaret White) The main pudding maker. Love makes embroidery on her rocking chair. The supporters rely on this expressionless cat face to interpret her thoughts at will. This is also Sanrio’s idea, let the mouthless Hello Kitty give consumers the space to imagine, allowing people to cast their emotions onto Hello Kitty. In other words: You want Hello Kitty to be happy today, she is happy; if you are in a bad mood today, Hello Kitty is melancholy. This role substitution makes it easy for people to feel that she is a close partner.

On November 1, 1974, there was no mouth, a round face, a bow on the left ear, and a small tail of Hello Kitty was born.
Hello Kitty lives in a villa in the suburbs of London, England. It is a two-storey red-white house with a red roof, 20 kilometers from central London (Thames).

In 1976, Sanrio Corporation of Japan officially obtained the distribution rights and ownership of the Hello Kitty brand.Since then, this white kitten with a bow on the head has appeared on stationery, wallets, watches and other small items that are popular among fashion girls.

Hello Kitty has been popular in the world for more than 30 years, and it still has a lot of charm until today, and the products launched by the brand Hello Kitty are becoming more and more abundant, including toys, wallets, school bags, clothes, game consoles, mobile phones, MP3s, etc.
Hello Kitty Image Registrar Sanrio of Japan clarified the fact that Hello Kitty is not a cat, but the image of a little girl.

Christine Reiko Yano, a professor at the University of Hawaii, gave a lecture on her research topic, Hello Kitty, at the American Museum in Los Angeles. After the lecture, Reiko Yano received a call from Sanrio, Japan, who told her a surprising fact.
Hello Kitty is not a cat, but a little girl. She never walked on the four feet, and always kept the little girl’s standing and sitting posture.”

Reiko Yano revealed, “Sanrio has seriously corrected my mistake and told me that Hello Kitty also has a pet cat named Charmmy Kitty.” In addition, Reiko Yano learned that the prototype of Hello Kitty was a British little girl named Kitty White, and she also had a twin sister of Scorpio.
Yano said, “Hello Kitty appeared in the 1970s, when many Japanese lived in the UK, so they liked to set Hello Kitty as a British little girl with a happy childhood, and Hello Kitty’s creation also catered to The aesthetic needs of people of that era.”

This cute cat and girl pattern, which was originally on the cheap plastic wallet, has now become a cute idol that has earned a lot of money around the world. And, don’t forget, unlike the robot cat “Doraemon” and Garfield, Hello Kitty is just a commodity, without any film or comic support. This is the world’s most market-worthy cat with the world’s most famous dog: Snoopy, the world’s most popular bear: Winnie the Pooh and other cartoon characters, the reason for the long-lasting The ability to create not only attracts children, but also captures the hearts of women around the world.
For more than 30 years, this lovely girl has continued to smile, let more children like her, and become the most loyal playmate of many children. When a generation of girls grow up to be mothers, they will still like this girl like her daughter: Hello Kitty.


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