San-X Rilakkuma Family introduction

Rilakkuma is a role played by San-X Co., Ltd. in Japan in 1996 , created by former employee Aki Kondo.The origin of the name is the combination of the Katakana “Relax” and the Japanese “bear”.In May 2010, the lazy bear was the fifth most popular character in Japan.

The same series of characters reclaimed white bear Korilakkuma and chick Kiiroitori. In the spring of 2016, we recommend the new new color tea bear Chairoikoguma .

Aki Kondo born on February 12, 1977 , she is a famous Japanese illustrator and character designer. Born in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, she joined San-X in 1997 after graduating from the Art Design Department of the Women’s University of Fine Arts. In 2003, she resigned from San-X and is currently a freelance illustrator. Later, she was a special professor at the Department of Art and Design at the Women’s College of Art, where she was responsible for character making exercises.

In September 2003, the first product was sold, and the products were mainly presented in the form of “Rilakkuma Seikatsu Daradara Mainichi No Susume Book” The initial representative series is “Outdoor Series”. This is a series of lazy bears that will be rehearsed by the chicks, “Occasionally, should go outdoors,” and get into the sleeping bag in the room.

In addition, there are also activities in the local amusement centers, called “lazy bears”, wearing lazy bears, and the exchanges between fans are also very frequent.The English name was originally written by Relaxuma, but in 2011 it was almost unified into Rilakkuma, and the trademark was also registered as Rilakkuma.

Main Character introduction

San-x Rilakkuma Stuffed Plush Doll
San-x Rilakkuma Stuffed Plush Doll
image source form

Rilakkuma – image from San-X official website :

One day suddenly appeared in Kaoru’s home, the puppet bear who lived without permission, male, the real identity is unknown; there is a zipper behind, you can see the fabric with water drops inside. The cover of the “Rilakkuma Life” series of picture books is decorated with a half-open zipper and water droplets.

Occasionally, there are pictures of capplets other than bears, such as Kappa or rabbits, in the picture book; and the bear cloth is bought, there are many spare parts, and sometimes it will be washed and dried. It has also shrunk and become old, and has been decorated with milk bears and mischief. However, the part of the head is not sure whether it is a puppet, nor is it uncertain whether there is a spare and whether it is taken or not. Sometimes the ear is flattened by sleep and seems to be able to move its ears freely.

The favorite foods are: muffins, glutinous rice dumplings, hot cakes, omelettes, puddings, etc., do not like too spicy food. I often lie down and roll, like a yellow pillow (Kaoru’s lazy bone pillow). Interest is watching TV, listening to music, soaking hot springs, etc. The famous saying is that “there are little things that can’t be done”, “If you can, you really want to be lazy~ lazy to live ,  Don’t rush. The slogan is “Relax”.

A 25-inch pink collar family working in Tokyo. Living alone. Appeared only in new poems, introductory texts, or sketches at the beginning of the picture book, and did not appear in the lazy bear illustration. At first, I was puzzled by the sudden appearance of the lazy bear, but gradually felt that it was only to heal the role and take care of him.
At the request of the lazy bear, the technology of egg dishes is becoming more and more sophisticated; they have also been made into sheep bears for the milk bears, and the hands should be full of dexterity. She did not appear at the same time as the lazy bear, but there were once or twice the voice of Kaoru in the picture book, correcting or rebuking the lazy bear, and guessing her existence.

San-x Korilakkuma
Stuffed Plush Doll

Korilakkuma Stuffed Doll
image source form

Korilakkuma – image from San-X official website :

Korilakkuma/ Little white bear
The new role that debuted in August of 2004 (Heisei 16). It is a child, a female, who likes to play tricks, especially graffiti everywhere. Very mischievous, and the victims are lazy bears and chickens. Sometimes when the slack bear sleeps, he graffiti, pull the zipper behind him, pull the lazy bear’s ear and cheek, or teach the lazy bear “feeding and feeding”, and sometimes learn to take care of him with his mother. Sometimes I insist on my own opinion, sometimes I go crazy, sometimes I am addicted to staying up late. The appearance looks like a bear, but there is a red button on the chest that doesn’t seem to be a real bear. However, it is not a “clothing” because there is no zipper behind it. I was asked by the lazy bear “Where are you?”, so it seems that it is not old knowledge.

The favorite foods are strawberries, apples, and cherries. I got the remote control duckling, the penguin puppet (debut in the mischievous series every day), the little puppet (the debut in the Goodnight series), and the caterpillar toys, which I liked very much. The interest is to listen to music, and look different, like the rhythm of the music, mostly wearing headphones when listening to music. Also seems to play the piano.

Kiiroitori Stuffed Plush Doll

Kiiroitori Stuffed Plush Doll
image source form
Kiiroitori -  image from San-X official website :

Kiiroitori – image from San-X official website :

Kiiroitori (chick)

Pet chicken raised by Kaoru family. Male, since Rilakkuma stayed, he was able to enter and exit the cage himself. Maybe because Rilakkuma will only eat white and drink, and always mess things up, Kiiroitori, who sweeps the house, will do it very carefully. The emotions are clear and sorrowful, often angry, but also very clever, good at expression, always responsible for caring for people, and will never anger. When you are in crisis, always be patient and wait until things are resolved or someone comes to help.
Rilakkuma is often reprimanded by Kiiroitori , and he troubled by Rilakkuma. However, it is often seen in the picture book that Kiiroitori and Rilakkuma relax together, are mischievous by Korilakkuma, or quarrel with Korilakkuma.

The lines of Kiiroitori in the picture book are written in Japanese syllabary. Kiiroitori himself advocates “I can fly!”, but always runs with both feet. However, in the illustration of the 2011 LAWSON “Spring Rilakkuma Society”, there is a Kiiroitori dressed as a bee flying around. Interest is to save and clean, use a glass bottle with a lid as a deposit box. When you are moved by something, you will often make a “wow” sound. Since Rilakkuma appeared, Kaoru often asked Kiiroitori to think that he was the most understandable person in the family. It was his greatest pleasure to find the change and save it when cleaning. Occasionally, Kaoru would also clean the pocket money for him. Read books and try to practice all kinds of things. After the bird cage, I also made a bird friend.

Kiiroitori is often mischievous by Korilakkuma, written in the back, chased by the remote duckling, and was a bit miserable. According to Korilakkuma, it is because Kiiroitori’s reaction to mischief is much more interesting than Rilakkuma. “Rilakkuma Life 3” is a picture book featuring Kiiroitori. The entire page is written with information written by Kiiroitori to the reader, and the content is almost always encouraging readers. In addition, in the illustrations of this picture book, Kiiroitori’s care and joys and sorrows can also be seen from their lives in Rilakkuma.

Chairoikoguma Plush Doll
image source from Ebay

Chairoikoguma – image from San-X official website :

He new character released in early 2016 is a new friend discovered by the little white bear in the depths of the forest. The little white bear (Korilakkuma) named him “Koguma-chan” → “Chairoiko Bear”. Male, child, smaller than a white bear, is characterized by carrying a lazy bear-shaped honey jar with a special honey. Because he likes honey too much, he always has a little honey next to his tail, and the whole tea bear has a touch of honey.

With a round body and a white hair on the chest, it is a striking sign. Not the same as the other two bears, he will run with four feet. His paw prints are also very special. It is a cute lazy bear shape. When you open your mouth, it will reveal the small teeth in your mouth. Be a good friend with the little white bear, and play with the chicken, love to be lazy with the lazy bear.


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