Muumit Rivieralla (2014)

Muumit Rivieralla (2014) poster
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[Info of the movie]

Running time : 80 mins
Category : Animation, Comedy, Family
Directors: Xavier Picard, Hanna Hemilä (co-director)
Country : France , Finland.
Language : English , Finnish.
Release date : 10 October 2014 (Finland)

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“Live in peace, plant potatoes, and dream.”
Moomin’s father hanging out with the marquis.

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[Story of Moomins on the Riviera (2014)]
The Moomin family decided to take a trip, and it was rare to go on a holiday on the French Riviera, and they encountered an unprecedented darkness.
After a series of sea storms, they came to the Côte d’Azur. Here is a paradise for fun, full of rich, celebrities and even movie stars!

Everywhere is full of food, gorgeous costumes and the temptation of handsome guys, Moomin sees his girlfriend, Niiskuneiti played with the good-looking boy. Moomin can’t help but make a big jealousy.

Moomin’s father is more dressed as a rich man, and he hanging out with the marquis. Only the mother of Moomin is detached from the upper class. She left the royal suite of the five-star hotel, lived in the tattered boat at the seaside, planted her own small garden, and waited for her family to change her mind. In this sunshine and beach, The feelings of the Moomin family are finally tested.

In the history of the first hand-painted glutinous rice original film, the nostalgic comics on the big screen, the fresh healing index broke the table! In the Finnish release of the two-week box office champion, won the top ten in Finland’s annual box office!

Muumit Rivieralla (2014) photo capture
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[About Moomin]

Finnish favorite cartoon image “Moomin”.
If you come to Finland, you will see a cartoon image with a white skin and a hippo. If you asked the local people, “What is this?” The local people will ask you in surprise: “You don’t know who it is? Moomin is the second famous in Finland.” In the eyes of the Finns, you don’t know the name of the Finnish politician, but you can’t help but know who Moomin is. The locals often joked that Moomin is the most famous in Finland except Santa Claus.

Tove Marika Jansson, an internationally renowned writer from Finland, published his first Moomin storybook, The Moomins and the Great Flood, in 1945. Moomin is a creature with human characteristics and easygoing personality. Their family relationship is very close, and friends and family live together in the perfect Happy Valley.

In the following years, eight Moomin story books and three albums were published. This set of books for children was translated into 44 languages. The first Moomin TV series was broadcast in Germany in 1959, and a total of 124 countries from around the world broadcasted Moomin’s related episodes, including the 1990 Japanese TV anime series.

At that time, the world’s largest circulation, issued more than 40 countries, about 20 million readers of the newspaper – “London Evening News”, began to serialize the adult political satire comics with Moomin as the main character. More than 800 comic strips have been serialized for more than 20 years. Mild and grotesque humor is popular with many people.

Tove Marika Jansson’s observations of everyday life, the weird and introverted views still cause many resounds to this day. For the first time, the comic strips of the time were moved to the big screen in the form of movie animation.

[About Moomin Family]
The protagonist Moomin is the only child in the family, kindhearted, brave, and sometimes a little naive. Its girlfriend is Niiskuneiti. Moomin always hopes to be a man in his girlfriend’s heart, so it does everything to do stupid things, such as duel, to please the beautiful. Even if it is not understood by the surrounding, it will continue to work toward this goal.

Moomin’s mom and dad also have different characteristics. The hat on Moomin’s head is a signature feature that treats the family as a romantic thing. In its leisure time, it will make wine or play poker games with the villagers. It has a good temper, prefers to stay on the balcony to smoke, or write memoirs in the study.

Moomin’s father, who is romantic, meditation, and imaginative, grew up in an orphanage when he was a child, and had a hard time in his childhood. Moomin’s father later ran away privately and experienced many thrilling adventures. It likes the storm and the sea most. The versatile Moomin dad is not only good at mechanical inventions, but even “time machines” can be made. The Moomin House was built by Moomin’s father and Moomin’s mother.

Moomin’s mother often wears an apron around her waist. The black handbag is always free of hands, and the bag is filled with daily necessities to meet the needs of the family. It is amiable and very hospitable, and is best at cooking. It is strong and confident, but always follows Moomin’s advice. When the danger is imminent, it will secretly support Moomin’s father from the bottom of his heart, no matter what will not shake the faith of Moomin’s mother. Moomin’s mother’s hobby is to plant flowers, do manual work, pick up shells and chat with Moomin’s dad. Every summer, it will personally make a toy sailboat to Moomin. The harmony of the Moomin family seems to be maintained by this artist-rich mother.

Moomin’s one of friends, Little My
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Moomins Little My Plush Coins Wallet

[About the movie]
In 2010, Finnish filmmaker Hanna Hemilä and French animator Xavier Picard began to work together to adapt Tove Marika Jansson and Lars Jansson’s “The Complete Works of Toom Marika Jansson’s Moomin Cartoons”, which was adapted into the movie “Moomins on the Riviera”.

Using the special hand-drawn animation techniques inspired by the original serial comics, the animators have reduced the color gradation in order to perfectly combine the original black and white serial comics and modern colors to ensure that the original comics are still preserved while adding color.

Moomins on the Riviera” is a cross-cultural and inclusive film for all audiences, conveying topics that apply to the world, such as finding happiness in ordinary life, relationships between family members, and optimism, etc. National races can resonate everywhere.

[Movie Review]
Moomin’s story is fresh, natural, and unpretentious. The intimate little stories of Moomin Valley’s daily life convey the reader’s very human values. Not only are children fascinated by the story of Moomin, but adults also like it.

This family lives in the Moomin Valley in Finland and lives a carefree life. They and their friends, curious about the environment around Moomin Valley, are adventurous and surround them with numerous events and adventure stories.

On June 27, 2001, the writer died in the world, but the style of Moomin continued to increase and continued to be popular around the world. Nowadays, countless people from all over the world who travel to Finland to find the “trace” of Mummin are countless. China, along with other countries, has gradually recognized this group of Finnish cartoon characters through books, cartoon goods and TV programs.


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