Kanahei isn’t a character name

Why is Kanahei’s characters are so popular?
The portrait character has a distinct personality and has captured the psychological identity of the loved one.Among the many portrait patterns, there is a common point that can be familiar and loved by all, that is, consumers immediately form a psychological identity when they see the portrait, such as Kana Hera, three-dimensional and distinctive features. Let the group that likes the portrait produce the expectation of collecting the portrait product, and a variety of peripheral goods come into being.

Anytime, ready-to-use communication software maps, portable travel cards, mobile APPs, etc., gradually more and more personal healing products such as: pillows, towels, dolls, etc., more and more emphasis on practicality Physical goods such as canvas bags, folding umbrellas, and thermos cups all appear to attract the attention of the ethnic group to a certain extent, and thus generate the motivation for purchase. Consumers want to collect portrait products from their preferences, and they are willing to buy because they are practical, and have gradually become the norm of similar product development.

image from CuteWares

Combining commodity practicability to evoke purchase motives.
The introduction of portrait goods has been copied into a business model. A variety of physical product manufacturers are taking advantage of the portrait trend to seize business opportunities. The Eastern community divides the discussion of Kanahei portrait products into five majors through textual content analysis. Category, which is a series of products such as personal care, family affairs, office companionship, etc., caused the most discussion and resonance.

Artist Kanahei Small Animal Usagi Rabbit Polyester Fabric Plush Doll Charms
image source from cutewares

Body treatments such as fluffy dolls, canvas bags that can be carried around, tote bags, etc., give these products a healing and lovely atmosphere at the same time; family items are used by consumers for their practicality. The foot pad to the weight scale, followed by the apron crisper and other kitchen equipment, consumers will also pay attention to the practical nature while mad, but also increasingly demand its quality.
In the portrait products accompanying the office, it is also the same kind of love for some ethnic groups, so that you can also have a healing mood at the same time when you go to work!

Artist Kanahei Small Animal Pisuke Chick Polyester Fabric Plush Doll Charms
image source from cutewares

What is Kanahei?
These two lovely characters, everyone saw if the name you shouted is: “Kanahei!” Then you are not professional enough! In fact, Kanahei does not refer to these two roles, it is the name of the role creator, but they are called Kanahei directly on the Internet. Everyone is used to calling and they are used to it. It turns out to be a misunderstanding!

This illustrator from Japan, there is no need to repeat the red in Taiwan. Stationery, pillow dolls, all kinds of gifts, and even the recently launched Buddha jumping wall can see the pink rabbit.The creator Kanahei is actually a 34-year-old young mother from Japan who usually has her own work and painting is her leisure interest. These two characters were originally only the supporting roles of other works. The original creations were characters, and the rabbits and birds were dotted around. I didn’t expect them to be particularly popular, and they took away the protagonist’s style.
The name of this pink bunny is rabbit, and the Japanese Usagi is the meaning of a rabbit, so it turns straight into a rabbit. And the white creature that always follows the rabbit, called Piske, is a small bird, and some people say that he is a chicken. There are two different sayings because the birds in Japanese can also represent The meaning of the chicken, so its identity is a mystery, but what is certain is that they have completely melted everyone’s heart.

Artist Kanahei Small Animal Pisuke White Chick Plush Coins Wallet

image source from cutewares

Who is Kanahei? About the author

Kanahei’s Twitter:

Kanahei’s official website:

Kanahei (August 7, 1985) is a Japanese illustrator and cartoonist. Woman. I am from Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture. Blood group O type. Worked as a freelance illustrator after graduating from Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama Minami High School Akira part school design department.

It became a topic among female junior high school students from all over the country from the delivery of self-made stand-by image, and made a professional debut at seventeen (Shueisha) as an active female high school student illustrator in 2003.
Her works are mainly produced digitally, and he works in fields such as mobile content and character design, focusing on illustrations and cartoons.

At the LINE Awards Ceremony,
Kanahei took the giraffe mask to the stage in order not to be exposed in the media.
(Photo taken from LINE company)
Image source : https://linecorp.com/en/pr/news/ja/2014/882

Experience of Kanahei.
In 2002, while attending high school, distributed parody images such as anime and cartoon characters as mobile phone standby images. An illustration developed from an existing character based on a unique interpretation is called “Kanahei Painting”, and it is a national boom among young people centered on students.

Professional debut in seventeen (Shueisha) in 2003. Published six books and three illustration books in the same magazine for six years.

In 2008, he started manga serialization at Ribon (Shueisha).

In 2012, she produced the icon material for the worldwide distributed costume changing app CocoPPa (United Inc.).We are still providing wallpaper illustrations for more than 2 million followers.

In 2014, in the fierce “LINE Creators Stamp” where 25,000 titles competed, five of the eight “Kanahei” titles took the top, and “Kanahei Piske” at the LINE Creators Stamp Awards & Rabbit won the Grand Prix. Kanahei’s small animal series signed an exclusive agreement with TV TOKYO Communications and a master licensee, and license development starts in Japan and overseas.

According to the US “Forbes” report, Kanahei is quite mysterious, refused to be exposed in the media, and even wearing a giraffe mask at the LINE awards ceremony. Talking about Kanahei’s texture, Kanahei said that his life is busy and the textures are drawn when he suddenly has inspiration, but a series of textures often take about 3 hours to complete, and she will also ask fans for advice on Twitter. Or ideas to make textures more practical.

According to reports, Kanahei said that she likes to paint since she was a child. When she was in high school, she would put her illustration on the Internet and open it for free download. By chance, she found that Japanese female high school students would download her illustrations. She was quite surprised and opened her illustrator career. As for the creative opportunity of putting in the map, Kanahei said that she was only asked by the fans, but she did not expect her first map to be popular. She realized that her illustration is not just a flash in the pan, but she is really loved by everyone.

Conclusion: The community and communication software blessing, the role economy will penetrate daily life, business opportunities are unlimited!

The observation of the Eastern community, looking at the development of portrait goods, can only lead to a group of enthusiasts at the beginning of the image only stage, through the use of consumers in the community and communication software, to strengthen the family’s recognition of portraits.

Immediately afterwards, the application of invading life is becoming more and more wide, from the personal treatments that can be displayed at any time, the companionship in the home life, to the workplace, and the healing atmosphere, like the healing portrait of Kana Hera. Constantly changing, the community is to let more people show and show off their own collections, so that portraits are sold everywhere on the physical line.

In the future, no matter what kind of portrait, the imaginable application should not only end with physical goods and mobile devices, but also further exert its character characteristics and incorporate appropriate exposure carriers, such as the role elements of a specific activity theme, combined with local characteristics to become spokespersons. Wait a second, the Oriental community will continue to focus on the future of more creative and interesting portrait applications, how to analyze the images of how to escape the virtual framework, materialize and accompany our daily life!


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